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Hard to believe, Barbie has managed to be every girl’s favorite for about forty years now and continues to bring smiles even now. Fashion and trends keep changing with years; however, it is the Barbie that has managed to be the same since 1959. Watching TV and playing video games may sometimes impact the growth of the child and that is the reason why even parents love to buy Barbie Dream House for their little princesses as it develops their creativity and lets them have fun with their imaginative play.

To keep your child engrossed and entertained, the company has launched various accessories to make their play even more fun-filled and interesting, and one of the accessories is the Barbie doll dream house. There are a number of Barbie Dreamhouses that one can choose from, depending on the taste of the buyer and keeping their budgets in mind. One of the most popular types is the Barbie Doll Dream House – some people write Dream House Barbie on search engines – that features an elevator and three stories of fun for girls to play with and have a good time with their friends. It comes in a bright pink color, which off course is every girl’s favorite and the latest model of the piece have added more pieces to it.

For instance, it has an outdoor spa in the balcony, a shower where you can hear Barbie sing her favorite songs and a sizzling fireplace, it just adds dynamism to the whole scenario. You can also listen to the doorbell, the toilet flush and can light up every section of the house, could it get any real? The Barbie Doll Dream House can be easily purchased at renowned toy stores and it is surely going to be something that your daughter will love, because every little girl in the world would love to own a Barbie Doll Dream house for her pretty Barbie to stay in

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Barbie Doll Dream House Features

  • Features “pieces stay in place” innovation throughout the house
  • Three levels of fabulousness with multiple play areas
  • Lights and sounds add to the role-playing fun
  • Gorgeously designed with glamorous touches
  • A center elevator and a separate fashion elevator
  • Special details include pink appliances, reversible dining table, canopy bed with trundle bed, TV with multiple channels, and ultimate closet

Barbie Dream House Product Specs

Kitchen and Dining Room

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Click image to know details!

The kitchen of this Barbie Doll Dream House so complete like a real kitchen, wherethe food is prepared. There are cooking tools like oven and blender. The oven can lights up and the blender has sound.The dining room is well designed where meals is served. The table in the dining room can be flipped that change its look from a breakfast table to a dinner table.

Marvelous Bedroom and Bathroom

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Click image to see details!

The spacious bathroom is situated on the second floor where the guests can refresh themselves. The bathroom is luxurious which has a light-up mirror, toilet that can flush and “singing” while taking shower. Next to it is a luxurious bedroom that has canopy on its bed and pet bed also for Barbie’s puppy.

Barbie Dream House Product Review

Jon Schmidt, a customer who had bought this Dream House Barbie said, “This new house rocks!”. He further write his authentic review as follows:

This house is unlike anything Mattel has done before. Lots of new features, it is really cool. My 5 year old loves , loves, loves it.
Assembly was not difficult for me as I have put together MANY Mattel houses. However, I will agree that the instructions could be alot better. Just remember ,the columns all have shaped ends on the bottom that correspond with the whole you need to put it in. Like heart shaped, diamond, etc. Once you have that figured out – it is pretty easy. All my sounds work right.
Now for the con… the elevator. I am not completely sure I have it in right because the instructions for it were not that great. It does catch going up – not sure if this is a flaw or I just didn’t install it right. But overall- this house is AMAZING!! And I love that the little accessories “stick” in the house. You can move them anywhere the way the house is made and they STAY in place… Major plus. Way to go Mattel. Do I think it was worth $159 (which I paid at Walmart) ? Absolutely!!

Montoya, another customer said, “Better than expected”, she was happy knowing that her daughter loves the Barbie Dreamhouse she bought. She further said in her review,

Previous reviews made me nervous about the difficulty of putting this together. The pictograph instructions are next to useless, but thank goodness for YouTube! I found an easy (mostly) to follow instruction video and had little trouble putting it together.

It isn’t as sturdy as the Barbie Dreamhouse I had as a kid (but that seems to the be the way of toys these days!). It is sturdy enough and my daughter adores it. Obviously, as an adult, I can see all of the flimsy pieces and places where they cut corners, but a little kid will only see the best, most amazing Barbie house ever.

The elevators will stick, so be prepared for some frustration and tinkering to get them to work properly. Again, there are YouTube videos that help solve the problem.

If you are giving this as a gift, try to put it together without “kid help” it will go faster and they won’t have to dance around waiting for the slow adult to figure everything out.

barbie doll dream house vid

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